Choose the Right Inserts for your Scatter Cushion Covers

The selection of inserts for your cushion covers is as important as the cushion cover itself. It is because the inserts give a shape and a soothing feeling to the people who use the cushion covers either on couches or on their beds. The firmness of the cushions is also dependent on the type and quality of inserts. There are a number of different types of inserts available in the market, which differs in quality and characteristic. You really need to shop them very well in order to add good value to your scatter cushion sets at home. Unfortunately, a lot of people have confusion about the inserts and sometimes doesn’t give it the due importance. They are more concerned about the cushion covers which obviously is not the right thing as they pay the ultimate price for such negligence.

Types of scatter cushion inserts


The following is a list of some of the most common and popular scatter cushion inserts which will give you an idea that which one to go for in your particular case:

  • Down Feather scatter cushion inserts – Down feather inserts are considered as the most expensive option and a very few varieties are available in this one. It is made from natural material as it contains the feathers of ducks and sometimes geese as well. Feathers obviously are considered as the lightest and the softest part of the animal and you can well imagine that what comfort and relaxation it can bring for you. They are flexible and can be moulded into any shape that you want them to make into. Washing such inserts is a problem as there is no proper means to dry up the feathers with ease. With time, they gradually flatten up and there is no recovery to get them restored in their original shape.
  • Foam cushion inserts – The foam cushion inserts are the most common and the most preferred type inserts available in the market.  They are available in a large range of densities and usually have a longer life span as well, as compared to the down and feather type. Actually, the lifespan of these cushions is dependent on the density of the foam. They are relatively inexpensive and washing them is also not a big deal. It is the best option for those who live in busy houses and have kids who are known to make such things dirty every now and then.
  • Polyester cushion inserts – The polyester cushion inserts provide a good compromise. They are known to be a lot more supple than the foam type, but are a bit expensive than the foam inserts. You will find a lot of variety in this type and they are known to be really soft and that is their unique selling point. If you are on a budget but looking for some quality scatter cushion inserts then the polyester type is definitely the top most option for you.

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