Craft your very own Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishing consists of magical things that can make your room look better and adorable. Soft furnishings add value to your room by making it an attractive and colourful place to live in and apart from that it also provides comfort while performing your daily activities.

Crafting Own Soft Furnishings


The main aim of Soft furnishings is to add beauty and elegance to your living experience by making your rooms look more attractive and the best way to perform this is by inducing creativity and innovativeness to the soft furnishing that is done in the room and this could be achieved by crafting your own soft furnishing, this will not only give you an option to go for customized solutions but will also satisfy you as far as the colour choices in the room are considered. The customized selection of the quantity and the quality of the raw material will allow you to go for the crafting as per your requirement and that too within the budget. Apart from this, creating the things on your own will also provide you with an immense sense of self satisfaction.

How to start

The most important requirement of this project is the creativity inside you and if you are creative with innovative ideas, half of the work is done. You just need to analyze your needs and then on the basis of your requirement, the second step is to look in for the raw material for getting started, the best thing about this self crafting is that most of the raw material is readily available in your house in the form of old furniture, unused cloths, old bed sheets, foam material and much more. All these things are to be gathered at a single place and then you just need to think what you want to make. The range is very big and you can create curtains, pouffes, mats, wall hangings, carpets and much more.


If you feel that you are not skilled enough in the designing or the stitching part, you can easily asses thousands of designs and tutorials that are available online, they will guide you step by step towards the scientific art of soft furnishing your house so as to make it a lovely, warm and a comfortable place to live in.

Crafting the soft furnishings is not the matter of how different things you make, but it is all about how you do the simple things differently. You just need to stick on to the basics and this will serve more than enough as far as creating a unique piece of soft furnishing is concerned. At the beginning you can start with simple cushion covers and can give them a variety of colours and shapes, this alone can help a lot in the makeover of your rooms and amazingly all this can be done with simply unused clothes and rags too.

There are some step by step guides on Selby Soft Furnishings for creating your own soft furnishings here: